Updated Operational News


Based on the Governor’s executive order today closing all bars at 5pm and requiring restaurant tables to be 6 ft apart and the continuing changing nature of this crisis, I have taken the following actions:

19th Hole

  • Will close today at 5pm.
  • Will be open for take-out only tomorrow from 7am to 3pm or whenever food runs out.  We will post a limited menu on the F&B Facebook site, bbrd.org and send out a MailChimp notice tomorrow.  Available items will be 50% off so we can move our perishable items and minimize food waste.
  • Starting Thursday, the 19th Hole will be closed for at least 30 days (or longer if the Governor extends his executive order).

Bldg. C

Will be closed indefinitely starting tomorrow.  Card tables and reservations for use will be moved into Bldg A.

Bldg. A

kitchen will no longer be available for use by residents or groups as the closure of Food & Beverage operations will prevent us from ensuring the kitchen is in proper sanitary conditions for use.

The Peek at the Week will be electronic only starting next week to lessen the need to handle paper and have a person travel from site to site.

Pool Closures

Many people have questioned why we have closed the pools.  It is not related to people being in the water. The reason was based on my limited staff’s inability to keep all the pool furniture, restrooms, etc. sanitized to a level that ensured residents’ safety from the virus.  Having multiple pool hosts or custodians at each pool is not a financially feasible solution in my opinion, given the likelihood of an impending recession.