Employment Application and Instructions

Thank you for considering Barefoot Bay Recreation District as a potential employer. Applicants – Please read carefully!


  • An application must be completed in order to be considered for a job vacancy. A resume may be submitted to supplement an application, but will not be used in place of an application. All blanks on the application form must be filled in. Incomplete applications will not be processed. Mark all blanks that do not apply with “N/A”. Telephone numbers must be furnished – answers such as “unknown” are not acceptable.
  • Completed applications may be:
    • E-mailed to Rich Armington
    •  Faxed to 772.664.7552
    • Mailed or hand delivered to 625 Barefoot Blvd, Barefoot Bay, FL 32976 
  • Your completed application will be referred to the hiring supervisor for each position for which you are qualified.
    • Due to limited staff resources, the hiring supervisor will contact you only if you are selected for an interview. If selected, you will be contacted at the phone number(s) listed on the front page of your application.
  • If, due to a disability, you desire assistance with any part of the employment process, please advise the Human Resources staff.
  • Prior to hiring, a background check is processed for all successful applicants. Within 48 hours of notification, the candidate must also submit to a drug test, which is performed at a medical laboratory offsite. Candidates will not be hired before both processes have been complete with favorable results.

Barefoot Bay Recreation District is a Drug-Free Workplace and An Equal Opportunity Employer.